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Travel documents:
Travel in Brazil

For travel in Brazil, you must always have the RG (identity card) original or other official documents such as OAB, CREA, etc. (With photo) Passengers who are under 12 years old must travel always accompanied by parents or guardians. For travelers and unaccompanied minor, you need permission from parents or guardians obtained through the Childhood and Youth Court. Minors over 12 years do not need permission, you only need to have original documents with photo. * No birth certificates are accepted.

Travel abroad:

Brazilians are exempt from tourist visa / business to stay up to 90 days. Note: Brazilians get on with the original passport, compulsory minimum validity of one year; or only with the original identity card in good condition, issued less than 10 years.


Consular Visas: Brazilians do not require a visa for stays of up to 90 days. For Brazilians and citizens of MERCOSUR and the Andean countries is highly recommended to travel with the International Vaccine Yellow Fever. Other nationality is mandatory the presentation of Yellow Fever Vaccine. The shipment can be carried out with a passport valid for at least six months or recent Brazilian identity card and in good condition.Note: If necessary, passengers must apply for a visa in person at the consulate in Sao Paulo. Average time: 05 days.


Brazilians are exempt from visa for tourism to be held up to 90 days; in which case, only allowed up to 03 trips per year.

  • Brazilians will travel to travel with a valid passport or identity card (RG) in good condition and issued less than 10 years.
  • The Brazilian business need a visa; however, the passenger must come into direct contact with the consulate. Applications are not accepted visa through third parties.

Brazilians are exempt from visa for tourism / business for stays of 90 days. Brazilians get on with the ID card in good condition and issued less than 10 years.


Brazilians are exempt from visa for tourism or business for stays of 90 days. * Brazilians can embark with the original passport, valid for at least six months OR only with Identity Card (RG) original in good condition and issued less than 10 years. Required certificate of vaccine against yellow fever to return to Brazil after a trip to Peru. * For trips exceeding the period of stay for other reasons, entry visa required. It may not engage in remunerated activity in Peru, when traveling for tourism or business.


Brazilians are exempt from visa for tourism to be held up to 90 days. The authorized airlines provide a tour tarjeta (DEX-2) at the time of shipment. The tour Tarjeta can only be provided up to 03 times a year; ie Venezuela authorizes up to 03 trips per year, the tourism. Note 1: The passport must be with a minimum validity of six months and present original Air ticket with round-trip confirmed. Note 2: To enter the country you need the International Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate. The business: All nationalities need visas to business.


Necessary documents:
  • Passport valid for at least 06 months (original + copy of the personal data pages).
  • 02 color photos 3x 4 cm, recent, equal, white background.
  • Form completed and signed in original.
  • International Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate (original + copy).
  • Proof of print in Brazil.
  • Airline ticket with round-trip confirmed.
  • The company where he works letter on letterhead and notarized, original; specifying the role, purpose of travel, length of stay, company name and address or person who will visit Venezuela and taking responsibility for the stay of the employee.
  • CNPJ copy of the company where he works or certified copy of the social contract and last amendment of the company where he works.
  • Certificate of criminal records issued by the Federal Police.
  • Updated bank statements (we recommend the last 03 months).
  • Certified copy of ID (for Brazilians) or valid RNE certified copy (for foreigners).
The maximum period of stay in Venezuela for the business traveler is 06 months. Location: São Paulo. Term: average of 5 to 7 business days within the Consulate. Note: The foreigner with a business visa at the exit of the Venezuelan territory must submit a declaration of income before the administration of the corresponding Finance, whatever enrichments or losses in Venezuela until the time you leave the country, in accordance with Article 73 the ‘Ley de Reforma and la ley de la impouesto on income Venezuela`. Timbre fiscal (tax stamp), which must be requested in the ‘Ministry of interior and justice – DEX` Av Urdaneta, Carmelitas corner, Caracas.